Fishing in Lipno

Come and try fishing at the Lake Lipno, from which you can pull out a two metres long fish, mainly carp, catfish and trout. In our rental service you can find Finnish fishing boats that even the most demanding fisherman will appreciate and thanks to our trusted partners, we will take care of those who do not have their fishing license.


Where to go fishing

The Fisherman's cottage is located in the quiet part of our campsite surrounded by reed, which is a perfect place for every fisherman. The cottage is conveniently close to all camp facilities, but also offers the necessary peace and privacy


Boat rental service

The most significant innovation in our rental service are the so called ‘fishing specials’- Finnish ships developed on the basis of the most demanding fishermen’s requirements. Their main advantage is the maximum stability in waves even if you have an unevenly distributed load, which ensures that your boat will not capsize even if you catch the biggest fish. The stability of the ship doesn’t compromise on speed because its special construction creates almost no resistance while rowing. Therefore, you can easily and quickly get to the most suitable places for fishing. We also offer fishing rowboats which are characterized by ease, good stability and durability. Both types of boats are available with electric motors.


Fishing for fans or for the first time

If you want to just try fishing, we recommend the great service of the fish farmer Václav Bruner from Černá v Pošumaví. In his six ponds you can catch mainly trout, carp, tench and amur. The lucky ones may manage to catch a pike or a sturgeon.