Sport activities

The Lipno Lake offers various types of activities suitable for everyone. You can go for adventure and try untypical sports or you can just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Lipno’s beautiful nature.
The Lipno facilities are perfect, there are almost 50 km2 of water area and vast forests with cycling trails – it’s only up to you what kind of activity you choose. To help you with your selection, we can give you a few tips.


We are a family with children on holiday

We appreciate families with children and therefore we pay special attention to them. We offer various types of comfortable accommodation. You can stay in an apartment or in a bungalow. Is a camping an essential part of your family trip? You can hire the fully equipped Husky tent.
Children have fun in any weather at our campsite. We have a kindergarten for your little ones, many sports and educational facilities for schoolchildren and even more demanding sport activities for older children, so that parents can enjoy a well- deserved time off.
Parents can choose from a wide range of sports equipment including various types of boats at our rental service Alzarent. Try unusual kinds of sport such as roller skating, sailing a catamaran or kiting. If you want to spend your free time together with your children, we can offer you paddleboats with a slide, sailing boats, bicycles for the whole family including bicycle seats for children and much more.
Even the most demanding family will appreciate the wide range of options where to go on tour. You can explore the breathtaking nature of the Bohemian Forest and surrounding villages and towns. One of the most visited destinations is the castle in Český Krumlov or the ruins of the castle Vítkův kámen which offers an overwhelming view of the whole lake. Visit us and we will be pleased to welcome you and your family at our campsite.


We are a group of friends seeking adventure

Pack your backpack, come and leave it in one of the cottages or tents. The lake, the surrounding cycling trails and sports equipment at our rental service TOTALLY LIPNO are so attractive, that few can resist. You can try kiting on land and water, windsurfing, or sailing a catamaran, kayaks and other vessels.
If you want to experience the fun that isn’t offered anywhere else throughout the country, hop on an aquaskipper and pull away on the lake at a speed of 27 km per hour, or you can try surfbiking and prove to all your friends that you are the true masters of balance.
You don’t have to explore cycling trails only on bicycles – you can try also skiks on or hop on a streetsurf or electro skate and you will have something special to talk about at parties.
Every evening you can meet friends in the winter garden with a bar, and talk about your unusual experiences. If you want to celebrate your achievements all night long, there is the beach cocktail bar Windy Point at your disposal, where you can dance until dawn with a cold drink in your hand.


We are an older couple and we want to relax

You don’t have to go far if you want to spend some nice time by the water. The quiet and clean water of the lake and the endless Bohemian Forest will energize you. You can rent a boat or paddleboat and go to the quiet parts of the lake with a book or a fishing rod. You will gain much-needed peace of mind in the surrounding forests with dozens of kilometres of cycling trails and paths.
You can also go on a little trip into the surrounding villages and towns – for example Český Krumlov will enchant you with its picturesque medieval atmosphere. If you can’t resist demanding sports and you want to do some intensive training, our physiotherapist will take care of you. After a relaxing massage, delicious dinner in the restaurant and deserved sleep, you will wake up refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.


We are a sports team on a training camp

In our Camp Jestřábí we have a weakness for sports enthusiasts and therefore we give a great off-season price for accommodation. You can be sure that in our rental service TOTALLY LIPNO you will find enough equipment for everyone and the training will not be just about running, swimming, cycling or working out. Apart from comfortable accommodation, we also offer delicious meals in the restaurant.
Tell your coach that Camp Jestřábí is the best place for your summer training camp!


We are enthusiastic fishermen

Lipno is ideal for fishermen – you can catch fish up to two metres long! You can stay in a fisherman's cottage in a quiet part of the camp with all facilities within reach. There are plenty of quiet places on the shore and in the reeds, or you can go on a boat or catamaran with motor, which is also equipped with sonar. For beginners or professionals, we can arrange to visit the fish farmer Václav Bruner from Černá v Pošumaví, who will guide you through his ponds.


We are an active couple

You can find plenty of sports equipment at our rental service and the surrounding countryside is simply breathtaking.

Near our campsite, you can check your skills and patience in mini golf and have fun on the waterslide! For adrenalin lovers, there is a beautiful Adventure parkhidden in the trees. Many hurdles at a height of 15 meters above the ground will make you doubt whether man really descended from an ape. For guests of our camp we have prepared a special offer.

You can also relax at the beach bar Windy Point. A bit of Caribbean atmosphere with mixed drinks and beach volleyball courts will definitely impress you. After sunset, you can end the evening watching a nice movie at the nearby open-air cinema. All these facilities are just half a kilometre from the campsite, so you will combine your practical needs with pleasant activities. After a busy day you can return to the campsite strolling under the moonlight and twinkling stars in the summer sky above the Bohemian Forrest.


We are enthusiastic trippers

Our campsite and its surrounding is full of fun. If you would like to go for a long trip or if you prefer to plan an activity for the whole day, we have some tips for you. Whether you want to do sightseeing, relax or go for a demanding trip, we can offer you many options.

About 80 km from our campsite you can find the beautiful Třístoličník not far from Trojmezí, where the three boarders of the Czech Republic, Bavaria and Austria meet. According to the legend the three monarchs used to meet at these three stone chairs.

About an hour far southwest across the Austrian border you can watch Edelwild from face to face. The Austrian WildPark Altenfelden offers you an interesting adventure. You can admire Fallow deer, wild boar, donkeys, birds of prey, various kinds of goats and even kangaroos, monkeys, raccoons, zebras or exotic birds. We are sure that even the children will enjoy the visit, especially the part, when they show you how to feed a cheetah or a bird of prey.

You could also make a 2-hour trip to the Bavarian baths in Bad Füssing, where you will find a pleasant atmosphere and perfect relaxation. Immerse yourself in sulfur baths and relax your body and mind. Your children will enjoy this visit too, because of the Aqua Park with sulfur water in town.