Modern sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities are designed with an emphasis on cleanliness, privacy and comfort!

Virtuální prohlídka

Equipped for comfort

The women’s showers have 4 cabins with private changing room, 7 sinks, including one designed for kids. There is a mirror above the entire row of sinks.

The men’s showers have 3 cabins with changing room and 5 sinks.

Women’s toilets have 5 cabins, men’s have 3 cabins and 4 urinals that are equipped with sensors.

Sanitary facilities for disabled, the VIP cabins are located in a separate area with its own entrance.

The scullery is equipped with 4 sinks and a washing machine.


Safety and saving money – intelligent access control system and electronic wallet in one

As one of the few camps in the Czech Republic and South Bohemia we apply modern technology to save your money and ensure more privacy.

Opening doors and paying for showers is done via electronic chip that allows you in the future to pay even in our new restaurant and rental shop with sports equipment.

Thanks to modern electronics you only pay for the water you consume for showering. It depends on you whether you want to take a long o short shower. The system subtracts credit after 30 minutes. No more money changing, buying tokens or activating more minutes.

Another advantage of the system is your safety – you don’t have to carry any money with you and you can rely on the fact that only clients of our camp have access to the sanitary facilities.