Playgroups for curious schoolchildren

For children from the age of 6 we have prepared sports and learning playgroups, that will definitely prepare them for every trip and adventure. They last mostly 1-2 hours and you can playfully combine them.


Swimming in the wild without fear

We will prepare your kids for swimming in the nature. They will learn to respect the natural aquatic environment and their fears of the unknown. The program includes training basic swimming styles, and improving their skills for self-rescue and rescue in aquatic environment.

The children will learn to respect the basic principles of safe stay at the water. This all will be taught in a playful way under the guidance of an experienced rescuer and swimming instructor.

Minimum age: 6 let

Necessary skills: mastery of at least 1 swimming style, or the ability to move in the water without aids.

Duration depending on the child's age: 6-8 years: 1 hour | 8-10 years old: 2 hours | 10 to 12 years: 3 hours

Price: 400 CZK / hour

The course is individual! 

The small discoverer

In the playgroup for small water sportspeople the kids will learn how to paddle on different types of vessels. They will acquire not only the correct technique of paddling, but also safe boarding and alighting from the boat and gain practical skills on how to behave when the boat capsizes. The kids will use the new skills in a small discovery trip, which will take place at the end of this course.

The playgroup is led by an instructor specialized in rescue on flowing water.

Minimum age: 6 years

Necessary skills: Mastery of at least 1 swimming style, or the ability to move in the water without aqua aids.

Duration depending on the child's age: 6-8 years: 2 hours | 8-12 years old: 3 hours

Price: 400 CZK / hour


The small rescuer

The first aid course for small rescuers of primary school age will teach the kids, how to behave properly in everyday situations, including injuries, for example falling from a bike or skates or insect stings, burns, sunburn, etc. Children will learn the basics of proper care, safety principles, first aid and orientation in a crisis situation. They will also gain a basic understanding of the construction of the human body.

Playgroups are led by an experienced instructor of water rescue and first aid.

Minimum age: 6 years

Duration depending on the child's age: 6-8 years: 2 hours | 9-11 years old: 3 hours

Price: 400 CZK / hour


Welcome sunshine

Children from the age of 3 can join the exercises. The program includes exercises for health with elements from yoga and breathing exercises and improving the coordination of movements. In warm weather, the children can exercise barefoot and play collective games to promote the healthy development of the foot arch. The playgroup is suitable not only for future young athletes, but for everyone who wants to be able to walk properly and healthily. Active participation of mothers is welcome and it helps to strengthen the natural relationship to healthy exercising.

The physical activities are prepared by a physiotherapist with professional experience.

Minimum age: 3 years

Duration depending on the child's age: 3-4 years: 1 hour | 5-6 years: 2 hours

Price: 200 CZK / hour



Instructor Adéla Černá

Adéla is a qualified physiotherapist with the a former active sports career (2014) in swimming, long-distance swimming, rescue swimming and winter sports. She is a trained and experienced instructor in open water rescue for the Water rescue service of the Czech Red Cross, first aid instructor and swimming instructor. During the many years of experience in the field of rescue in running waters, Adéla has participated in countless water sports competitions, marathons even competed in category K1. Adéla won the gold medal in the 400 IM swim at the PanAmerican Games in 2013 (Sarasota, Florida, USA). While working with children she enjoys their enthusiasm to learn new things and explore the world. Adela has a calm soul, even in the restless weather.