Lake Art

Our biggest domain is sport, however, we also support culture and art, and therefore we have been the proud co-organizers of art symposiums for several years. This year our camp hosted the traditional artistic Lake Art Festival for the 4th year, at which invited artists came together to show the best of their work.

We know that culture and beauty around us can please the eye and the soul, and that is why some works of art have become a permanent part of our campsite. You can admire aquatic animals, the elements, mythical creatures and nymphs in the form of comfortable sandstone benches. There you can rest and enjoy a remarkable view of the sunset over the peaks of the Bohemian Forest.

The artists have not forgotten our young ones, so your children can play on a carved swing, a hand-smoothed slide, toot the horn on small cars or sit on a throne for little kings and princesses. Art simply touches everyone who spends their time in our campsite.

If you visit our campsite during the Lake Art Festival, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to try some art techniques at one of the workshops under the guidance of real masters. Do not hesitate to come and enjoy our cultural event.

The Lake Art Festival 2015 is over, but beautiful sculptures can still be admired in the campsite. You can see the sculpture of Joseph and Mary, sculptures by Jan Švadlenka which will decorate the Bethlehem in the village Černá v Pošumaví. You can look into the beautiful face of Hedvika, and swing on a seahorse by Jiří Genzer.